Should You Switch To The Accrual Method Of Accounting?

Small businesses have the luxury of choosing either the cash or accrual methods of accounting, but switching between the two requires special notice to the IRS. Because of this, choosing the best method for you when you set up your business is best, and switching between the two methods once you do have your business up and running may seem foolhardy. However, there are advantages to using the accrual method, and depending on how your business is set up, it may be to your benefit to go through the process of changing, even if it means contacting the IRS. [Read More]

3 Tips For Keeping The Books For Your Small Business

Owning and operating a small business can be challenging. Since the profit margins for a small company can be slim when you are trying to build your reputation, you may not have money in your company's budget to hire a lot of additional employees. This means that you, as a small business owner, must wear many different hats throughout the course of the day. Here are three tips that you can use to more successfully keep the books for your small business in the future. [Read More]